Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay and access my account online?  Yes,  24/7 click here to login.

What types of security does your facility offer?  Visit our security page to see all that we offer!

Do you have handicap accessible units?  Yes, more information on our handicap accessible units can be found here.

What temperature is maintained in the climate control units? 55 Winter, 78 Summer.

What are your office hours?  Call  864-502-0099 for an appointment as needed.  

What hours can I access my storage unit?  24/7

Are there any items prohibited from being stored in my unit? Yes, explosives, corrosives, flammables, perishables, animals, anything that may be hazardous to the property, any possession that is not allowed by law.    While this list is comprehensive it may not be all inclusive. 

Do I have to provide my own lock for my unit?  No, but you may use your own lock if you prefer.

What methods of payment do you accept?  Credit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Local Checks, Cash

Is there a late charge if I am late on my payment?  Yes, this information can be found on your lease.

Can a large moving van fit inside your facility?  Yes, your large moving truck will be able to enter the gates and unload at your storage unit.